Tasty Tuesday: Put Some Healthy Fun into Halloween

Halloween isn’t even here yet and I am already tired of hearing, “Can we have some candy?“. I don’t want to be a total buzz kill and ruin their holiday but I also want to try to minimize the sugar highs. One of our favorite treats to do just that is GoGo SqueeZ!

GoGo SqueeZ

GoGo SqueeZ is a no-spoon, no-mess (well with my kids, less mess) way to enjoy fruit on the go! They are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and made with no artificial anything! That makes them a great treat for school parties and snacks! For Halloween GoGo SqueeZ has these super cute printable pouch covers that will make them fun and tempting for even the most die hard sugar fiend at your party!

GoGo SqueeZ

I’m even considering adding mine to our bucket of treats for the neighborhood kids! We recently got to try some new flavors from GoGo SqueeZ like Apple Mango and Apple Grape. Even my picky, I only eat Apple Apple eater loved the Apple Pear and the Apple Cinnamon! What we loved even more is the new easy open tops:

GoGo SqueeZThese new “helicopter” tops as my kids called them are just starting to roll out (so only 1 of our 4 boxes had them) but we are excited for the upgrade! With the new tops by 2.5 year old and 6 year old were both able to open them by themselves, which in a house of 4 kids is a very good thing!

We love GoGo SqueeZ for the portability. I can throw a box in the back of the van and not have to worry about smooshed fruit or melted granola bars! We took our box of grape with us on a trip to the arboretum and everyone, even mom enjoyed the snack!

GoGo SqueeZBesides being a fun and tasty way to get a wholesome snack into your kids GoGo SqueeZ focuses on doing good as well. They are partnered with TeraCycle to find new and creative ways that families can recycle their pouches and contribute to their company goal of providing community playgrounds and affordable Eco-friendly products.

You can pick up GoGo SqueeZ in 11 different flavors at major retailers and grocery chains for $2.99 (msrp) a 4 pack. Visit their Facebook page and you can print coupons to save on your next purchase. We’ll be watching our store for the newest flavor, Apple Mandarin!

Do you GoGo? What’s yours, or your child’s, favorite flavor?



Disclosure: My family received samples of GoGo SqueeZ products to facilitate in this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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