Passport to Flavor: Eat Globally, Dine Locally

Global Dine Around Challenge for Kids

Are you a foodie whose dinners out with the family have been hijacked by picky eaters and drive-thru windows?

Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a child that enjoys trying different foods but you’ve run out of interesting dining options?

Or maybe you just like the idea of exposing your children to different cuisines and cultures?

The Little Lake County Global Dine Around Challenge for Kids is for you!

It’s possible to eat your way around the world right here in Lake County.  Take your children on a trip around the world to explore new flavors and broaden their horizons without purchasing a plane ticket.

To get started, just print out our handy-dandy “Passport to Flavor.”  We’ve selected some great local restaurants that specialize in ethnic cuisine. From familiar favorites like Italian, to the more exotic flavors of India, we recommend child-friendly introductory dishes to help ease your kids into trying something new from a different culture.  Most are small appetizers or side dishes that are inherently kid-sized and also won’t break the bank. For every country your child visits, simply stamp, sticker, or check mark the map on their passport. When they’ve filled it up, print out our official “Little Lake County Global Gourmet Certificate” as their reward.

Because we are all about educational context, check out some of the recommended readings before heading out to the restaurants to help build anticipation.  We will also include a printable placemat that you can print before going filled with facts and fun perfect for coloring while you wait for your food.

Madlenka by Peter Sis is a great primer for the entire challenge, as it’s the story of a little girl whose trip around her city block is like a trip around the world.

The act of gathering together to enjoy a meal and good company is a time-honored tradition.  When we bring different cultures and cuisines  to the table,  we can help make the world a little smaller and friendlier for our kids. So take a detour from the kids menu and try these delicious ethnic dishes for your next family night out!

The challenge starts tomorrow! We’ll publish a different country everyday for seven straight days.  You don’t have to complete the challenge in 7 days! Print out the Passport to Flavor (two-sided, folded in half like a book) and fill it out at your own pace. Take a month, take a year! Just click on the image below to print our your Passport to Flavor and come back tomorrow to get started!

Passport to Flavor


Editor’s Update:

1st Stop: Cuba {published 3/30/15}

2nd Stop: Italy {published 3/31/2015}

3rd Stop: France {published 4/1/2015}

4th Stop: Japan {published 4/2/2015}

5th Stop: The Middle East {published 4/3/2015}

6th Stop: South Korea – {published 4/14/2015}

7th Stop: India and Nepal {published 4/21/2015}

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