Fall is For Savings at Green Kids Resale!

Fall and winter can get expensive really fast when you have kids. You need coats, boots, Halloween Costumes, and before you know it holiday outfits and presents!  We love resale at Little Lake County and if you haven’t converted to resale now is the time to do it! Fall is the season where you can save more money by buying resale over retail.

green kids resaleWinter will be here before you know it! According to my kids it arrived this morning with the brisk 48 degrees. With four kids I have learned that the best deal on coats is resale. I haven’t bought a new coat for my kids in at least 4 years!

Since Green Kids Resale has a warehouse for storing they collect items year-round, no matter the season. That means that their winter shelves are already busting at the seams!  I was in the store today and there was plenty to choose from!

Green Kids Resale
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As I mentioned in my Resale Tips and Tricks I went in for a specific purpose, a winter coast for my 10-year-old.  I know that the larger sizes usually have less to offer and that winter coast have only been out for a few weeks. I also knew that I wanted a high-end brand, specifically I was hoping to find a Columbia Jacket. These retail for anywhere from $75-$120 new and since the likely hood of my son wearing a coat for two seasons is slim, I can’t justify the cost.  I found a Columbia Jacket in perfect condition, in a size 10-12 for $7.99. That’s right, i got an $80 jacket for $8. No amount of coupon codes and online sales will beat that.  I also have 5 days to return it in case it doesn’t fit or he doesn’t like it.

Green Kids Resale is still accepting coats too so the stock will continue to be filled. They also had two rows of winter boots and at least 2 dozen fashionable winter boots for all ages and sizes. I will be back next week to outfit my other three children for the season.

But winter isn’t all you have to prepare for:

Green Kids Resale

Halloween is almost here! Do you have a costume? Do you have two? My girls have change their minds 3 times already. I’m sure if I brought them in they would change again. Green Kids Resale has racks of costumes as well as festive shirts and leggings all at their amazing Green Kids prices. In addition they have brand new tutus from Abby’s Accents, New Melissa & Doug Dress-up, New cape and mask sets and New Halloween Accessories. You could outfit the whole family at a fraction of the cost! Used costumes range in price from $2-$7 and new costumes start from $6-12. The most expensive one I saw was $29.99, but since it’s NEW Melissa & Doug you can take advantage of the October deal and save 20%.

If you have costumes already this is a great time to pick up items for a dress-up closet. We started a dress-up box for our kids one year as a Christmas present and everything in it was bought second-hand or on clearance around Halloween. It’s a great way to add imaginative play at little cost.

Green Kids Resale
Photo Credit: Green Kids Resale on Facebook

As you swap out your kids closets get together those grown-out of clothes and turn it in to cash you can use at Green Kids (you get 20% more if you take a store credit!).

Green Kids Resale
833 East Rollins Road, Round Lake Beach
847-986-6232 | Green Kids on Facebook follow
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

In case you didn’t hear, Rollin’s Road Construction is DONE! So it’s fast and easy to get in and out of Green Kids again!

Disclosure: Green Kids Resale is a paid advertising partner with Little Lake County.

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