Build Your Quilt: Taking the Polar Plunge

No, I can’t quilt. But I realized I have so many race t-shirts that I love and had wonderful memories, but I didn’t want to give them to Goodwill. I EARNED those shirts. I ran miles, biked, skated, walked for days, and even jumped in Lake Michigan on New Year’s Day.

Race t-shirt quilt

Jan 1, 2014 was the second time I drove to Waukegan and jumped in the freezing cold Lake Michigan waters. In 2012 the lake was beautiful, there was no snow, no ice, it was a very mild winter (if that’s not an oxymoron). In 2014, the event was as “polar vortex opposite” as you can be. The rescue divers were only about 2 feet deep. There was a crane and heavy machinery that cracked the ice just enough for the participants to run into the water.

Polar Plunge Resuce Diver

I left with cuts and bruises all over my legs from the ice. But I also left with a power that no one can take from me. I felt alive! And by alive, I mean my skin was tingling from nearly being frostbitten. But I felt like I could conquer anything. I could achieve any goal this year. I hate being cold, as I sit and write this article I have 2 pairs of socks, 3 shirts, and a blanket over my lap and yoga pants, and I’m in my nice warm 68 degree house.

So if I could convince myself to do a polar plunge, I could really do anything. And you can too!

Mundelien Polar Bear Club

Are you brave enough to try it? You don’t have to wait until Jan 1, 2015, there are two upcoming events in Lake County:

February 23: Lakefront Park – Fox Lake

March 1: Sunrise Beach, Lake Bluff

Take the Plunge! Visit to find out more. All plungers receive a hooded sweatshirt and all proceeds benefit the Special Olympics of Illinois.

Let us know if you’re registered below in the comments! And best wishes for a safe and empowering plunge!

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