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Angelic Organics Learning Center: Connecting Families to the Farm

October 30, 2013 Loralie 0
Raising a family in the heart of America’s Midwest means you have a lot of opportunities to take your children to visit a farmyard. Agritourism is big in and around Lake County. There are plenty of chances to see chickens, pet a goat, or pick apples from a tree. In fact, with all there is locally, you could find yourself jaded and craving something more. Then let me urge you to make the trip to Angelic Organics Learning Center in Caledonia, Illinois. […]
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Tasty Tuesday: Put Some Healthy Fun into Halloween

October 29, 2013 Melissa Haak 0
Halloween isn’t even here yet and I am already tired of hearing, “Can we have some candy?”. I don’t want to be a total buzz kill and ruin their holiday but I also want to try to minimize the sugar highs. One of our favorite treats to do just that is GoGo squeeZ! […]
Dance academy of Libertyville
Dance academy of Libertyville
Homesteading with Hyacynth

Homesteading with Hyacynth: Halloween Homesteading

October 23, 2013 Hyacynth 0
I’m trying really hard not to be a buzzkill because if there’s any holiday that makes a homesteading heart want to gallop wildly out of one’s chest { and straight into lush orchard of beautiful, lush apples or somewhere else serene} it’s Halloween. Rest assured that there are options that don’t including handing out zucchini or pulling a drive by squashing. Here’s how our whole-food loving family enjoyed Halloween without gorging on gobs of candy. […]

Halloween Candy Buy Back…{And Other Alternatives For All that Candy!}

October 22, 2013 Heather 1
Halloween isn’t even here yet and I can already feel the weight of a candy overload! Halloween parties, events, trick or treating, and leftover candy from your own bowl usually excite the children to no end. Unfortunately, these large amounts of candy usually overwhelm well meaning parents. In order to keep the sweet treats in moderation, you may need to find a new home for some of the goodies. […]
Dance academy of Libertyville
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Mompreneur Monday: Gayle Glazer of Log on 2 Learning

October 21, 2013 Jennifer 1
Welcome to Mompreneur Monday, where we introduce you to Mom-Based businesses in Lake County.

Today we are meeting Gayle Glazer from Log on 2 Learning and Digi Kidz Parties. Log on 2 Learning teaches young children how to respect technology as a learning tool. […]