The 2012 Little Lake County Green Resource Guide: Your Guide to Green Business in Lake County IL

Before I became a mom I thought very little about the things I put in my body and used in my house. But once I brought that cute little bundle home, I started looking at everything more closely. We read labels, changed the way we ate and rethought our cleaning methods. We took recycling a lot more seriously and looked into other ways to reduce our environmental impact.

When I moved to Lake County four years ago all the resources and contacts I had for the changes we had made were, like many things, left in the city. Luckily for me I meet a friend  who was on the same journey and could always point me in the direction of a good organic market or holistic practitioner. While talking one day we decided that everyone needed to have a friend like that so we have been working together to build one for you.

Introducing the Little Lake County Green Guide:

This guide has been a true labor of love, introducing you our readers and friends, to the best of Lake County’s green business. The guide is a FREE download you can access anytime by clicking on the “Green Guide”  tab above. You can save it and print it out to have on hand at home or to give to a new friend.

This guide is not just a bland phonebook listing of green business. It’s a full-color guide with an easy-to-use-and-understand carrot rating system specific to each type of business. These rankings will give you an idea of which green options to expect before venturing out. Some of the businesses featured have even offered money-saving coupons so you can be eco-conscious while keeping some green in your wallet.

Enjoy this new resource and be sure to Like, 1+, tweet, pin and share it with all your friends. Thank you for supporting Little Lake County and these local businesses who are trying to do our part to live a greener life. By supporting these local businesses who aspire to greener, cleaner, healthier living, you’re not only helping our local economy and your family, but you’re also helping to build a healthier corner of the world we’re glad to call home.

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