Semi-Homemade Valentines

Pinterest, Blogs, the internet is filled with all sorts of awesome ideas for handmade Valentines for your kids to pass out to their classmates. While I am crafty and I love the idea of homemade Valentines the time never seems to there to actually execute it. So here we are again 4 days before the holiday are you still battling with the ideas of homemade vs. store-bought? Let me help you! Last year my son saw these Valentines on Pinterest and wanted to make them:




While Stitch Craft Creations provided a downloadable printable I couldn’t find any place to print it (we don’t own a printer). So we took the idea and combined it with a store-bought card:

It’s a simple hack. The box of cards we bought had four designs and three of them had light sabers in it. I used a craft knife to cut a slit in each card at the light saber and we inserted a glow stick (we got a pack of 15 bracelet size ones in the $1 Spot at Target).  It does take some skill so as not to break open the glow bracelets so the adults did it after he signed his cards. We used a little piece of tape on the back and sometimes on the front.

They were perfect. He got to pass out something that was a little different and I was thrilled to not be passing out more candy! According to him the kids in his class (which is 95% boys) loved them!


Do you do homemade Valentines? Store bought? Or a semi-handmade hack like ours? Share yours in the comments!

Article by Melissa Haak

Melissa is mom to 4. She used to dream of traveling the world, now she dreams of a clean kitchen. She can be found on most social media sites as @PBinmyHair because with this much hair and four kids, you're bound to find something in it.