Pinteresting Projects: Thanksgiving Kids Table Ideas

Gobble Gobble!! Thanksgiving is only one day away, are you ready? I know I am, but I will have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. If you are planning on having a kids table, I’ve found some fun ideas to keep them busy before, during, and after dinner.


Fun printables can keep the kids busy at their table, like the ones from Amanda Parker and Family. Amanda offers Thanksgiving printables that are free to download. Use them for decorating the table, entertaining the kids, and cute ways to present food.



Some of your kids may have learned about The Mayflower and Pilgrims. Lorie from Be Different Act Normal shares a fun and simplistic presentation for a kids table that includes both. I also love the turkey leg and apple pie dish for providing snacks.



Keep your little turkeys busy while you are finishing cooking by making this adorable Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria ship race from One Charming Party. Or, have them pass out paper to your guests to write down what they are thankful for, and have the kids hang them on a paper tree, or stick a branch in a vase, with ribbon.



What do you have planned for the little turkeys to keep them busy tomorrow?


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