Pinteresting Projects: Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day!  There’s no better gift than one that comes from the heart, and these handmade presents have “I love you Daddy” written all over them.  We’ve gathered some of our favorite pins to share and inspire.
I’m always looking for ways to utilize my children’s process art, AKA abstract art, AKA scribbles.  With a little handiwork from mom or another trusted adult wielding an exacto knife, your child can proudly display this lovely sign for daddy. Thank you lovelydesign!
Source: via Loralie on Pinterest

Here’s another idea that’s easy for younger children to make and yields gorgeous results.  No Time For Flashcards makes use of vinyl letters, a sponge brush (this is key), paint and a canvas for a frame-worthy Father’s Day Gift.
Source: via Loralie on Pinterest
Jazz up a simple envelope to hold a candy bar (or really anything that can fit) for dad.  Bits of Everything shows you how. via Loralie on Pinterest
Now what better gift is there for a dad than his own children’s smiling faces? This photo collage with free printables from Positively Splendid will occupy a place of honor at any office desk or mantle.
Source: via Loralie on Pinterest
Sometimes dad just needs a break.  A free pass off the next poopy diaper change? Breakfast in bed? Or how about just a good ol’ fashioned hug?  Count on Martha Stewart for a template with tutorial for a Father’s Day Coupon Booklet that is fancy enough for, well… Martha Stewart!
Source: via Loralie on Pinterest
If dad is the resident grill master at home, then he’s sure to appreciate a hand-painted barbecue apron.  Let Family Fun inspire you to turn a plain white apron and some fabric paint into wearable art.
Source: via Loralie on Pinterest
Got a great idea for a handmade Father’s Day gift of your own? Do tell! 
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