National Pie Day. Yes, It’s a Thing!

National Pie Day

National Pie Day is this Friday, January 23rd and I am stoked!

Honestly, I had no idea there was such a thing as “pie day” because, in my world, pie day is EVERY day.

But if the Universe intends us to have a dedicated “pie day” then who am I to argue it?

It is no secret to those close to me that I love me a good pie.

It started with my mom and grandma raising me in what I like to call a “homemade pie environment”.

My grandma would make a pie or two maybe even three a day every day at times.

Or make them ahead of time to freeze.

Her pie was legendary.

My mom’s homemade pumpkin pie (or homemade anything for that matter) makes all the bad things in life go away.

Shhhh it’s okay, pie is here. Shhhhhh.


Pie does that for a lot of people.

Like the sign that hangs in the kitchen above me as I type this says, “pie fixes everything”.

It. Just. Does.

No one ever says, when happening upon a freshly baked pie, “oh, pie? sigh okay, if I must….”.


When you see a pie, you say “PIE??!?! NO ONE MENTIONED THERE WOULD BE…..PIE!!!!

It’s all- American, it reminds us of home and if you don’t like one flavor, there’s always another just around the corner.


I wrote about my affection for pie in this post here and mentioned I have a pie accomplice. My friend Shannon and I try to get together once a month for pie and conversation for the past year.

It was over pie that I told her that I need menopause to begin.

It was over pie that we told each other how sometimes we think our teenagers are aliens.

It was over pie that we got big fat tears in our eyes talking about those same teenagers leaving the nest.

In honor of National Pie Day, here are a few places in Lake County to get a slice and celebrate.

There aren’t a lot of choices in this category for Lake County, so bear with me.


Frank’s Karma Café

 Lots of conversations have happened at those tables up there. About menopause, aliens and pie. The best pie in Lake County, in mine and Shannon’s humble opinion.

They are located at 203 S. Main Street in Wauconda.
Their hours are 11-4 Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sundays.


Bakers Square (aka Bakers Frickin’ Square)

                                                         courtesy of

Click on the link to see the back story on “Bakers Frickin’ Square”.

You won’t regret it.

My favorite place to get the French Silk pie because my mommy lives 11 hours away. Otherwise it’s her recipe that’s my favorite. Either drive to Tennessee and have her make you some on Friday or drive to the local BFS near you.

Locations in Libertyville on Milwaukee Avenue or Gurnee on Grand Avenue.


Jewel or Mariano’s

                                                  courtesy of

I know, it’s a stretch, but seriously good pies made for both of these grocery stores.

Only Jewel has my heart because my grandma used to love to eat Jewel’s cherry pie.

For dinner, at times.

This Friday, go get a cherry pie and think of my grandma Ella when you are eating it.

Vanilla ice cream on the side, please.


Jewel has many locations in Lake County.
Go here for the one closest to you.

My favorite Jewel is all the way in Spring Grove. We stop there on the way home from Wisconsin. It’s so pretty.

The Jewel, that is.

So is Wisconsin.

But that Jewel?

Hmm mmm.


Mariano’s has a few locations in Lake County, Gurnee on Grand Avenue; Vernon Hills on Milwaukee Avenue and Lake Zurich on Route 12.

Go out and eat pie this week in honor of National Pie Day!

Your mom would want you to!

Your third-grade teacher would want you to!

The Universe is telling you to!

Or just eat pie every month, like Shannon and I do.


Who do you think has the best pie in Lake County? Tell us in the comments!


Dance academy of Libertyville
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