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MompofMonthWelcome to Mompreuner Monday, where we introduce you to mom-based businesses in Lake County.

This month it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Lidia Voelker, owner of C&A Robot Factory in Libertyville.



When Lidia Voelker’s two sons were younger, she didn’t allow Legos in their home for obvious reasons; now this mom of two and her sons, 13 and 7, all but eat, sleep and breathe Legos.

Lidia Voelker C&A Robot Factory
C&A Robot Factory Lidia and her two sons dreamed up their dream business six years ago.

“When they were little I was afraid they would choke on the small pieces, but after that they discovered tons and tons of Legos because I discovered Lego Education; and that’s how all of this started,” Lidia said. “I asked them, ‘if you could do something every single day, what would you do?'” she said. “The answer was ‘Legos.'” As the owners of C&A Robot Factory, Lidia and her boys, Christian and Austin, have dreamed up their dream business — a place where young kids through teens who love to build with Legos can come and build to their heart’s content, take Lego-Education Robotics classes and camps and even play host to some stellar birthday parties where education and fun collide in the building and engineering of robots made from Legos. That’s just the tip of the Lego-life-sized iceberg; C&A Robot Factory offers seemingly something for all ages of Lego lovers and all Lego skill levels. And the best part, mom and dad, is that your kids gets to have a blast while learning!

Here are some highlights to help you find which activities are right for your little or big Lego lovers: A Day Visit to C&A Robot Factory in Lake County, Illinois: A day visit to C&A Robot Factory means kiddos can spend all day building with Legos geared toward their specific age group.

C&A Robto Factory LegoVille is geared toward babies through young preschoolers
C&A Robto Factory LegoVille is geared toward babies through young preschoolers

School-aged LEGO fans can create, explore and have fun building with thousands of small bricks and myriad building pieces atop tables are filled with variety of LEGO parts, including different vehicle and mini figure elements. My youngest son, who just turned five and an avid Lego lover, was in Lego lala land the entire 1.5 hours we were inside the store simply playing and building and creating while standing at the tables.

Little Lego lovers from babies to preschoolers have their own separate space to build, play and create in the LEGO® Ville area, a newly designed special play area in the store filled with buildings, cars, trucks, trains, animals and people. When my youngest was a smaller preschooler or toddler, he would have thoroughly enjoyed this area and all of its various offerings, and I would have enjoyed having my curious little builder in a safe space where he was free to create and build!

Lego Building and Robotics After-School Classes at C&A Robot Factory in Lake County, Illinois:

Several tables loaded with all kinds of Lego pieces await kids who come in for open play.

Featuring four different classes, one of each offered once per week, and aimed at different ages and skill levels, the Lego Building and Robotics After-School Classes are a great mid-week retreat for the Lego aficionado. From Stop-Motion Animation classes where kiddos make movies out of their Lego creations to basic and advanced Lego robotics classes, there is a class for most skill levels and kids ages 5 through 14. My oldest son, then 6, seriously enjoyed the challenging class of building a simple Lego machine. Though he needed help building it, he was overjoyed at showing me his creation and how it moved! I was so impressed by not only the movement of my oldest’s creation but also the movement of his mind during this class.   I was also impressed at the machine built by the older and more advanced children and teens. Lidia showed me two robots that were created by older students to show off with each other. The students even wrote their own programs for the robots. Talk about showing off! Find a Lego Building and Robotics After-School class that is right for your child!

Unique Lego-themed Birthday Parties at C&A Robot Factory in Lake County, Illinois: Say hello to a brand-new kind of birthday party when you host a Lego-themed party at C&A Robot Factory! C&A offers several different party packages including Star Wars and Ninjago themed-birthday parties where real-life Jedis and ninjas come to face off during the party. These two parties also pack a load of education along with the fun.

A We-Do Robotics party is a great option for the robot enthusiasts; children begin by constructing a colorful robotic structure featuring working motors and sensors. An animated, icon-based, drag-and-drop software is used to program the projects and bring them to life just like what happens during a We-Do Robotics class. Models stay at the store, but memories live on in the wake of a great unique party.

For the kiddo who prefers something a little pretty, the Solar-Powered Robotics Fun birthday party allows for attendees to create a solar powered butterfly by painting wings of a solar-powered robot, which is a fun take-home souvenir for everyone to enjoy. Of course that’s not everything offered at C&A. There are many more activities and more so, many more opportunities for children and teens to grow and connect with other like minds. “I love the interaction with the children and the feedback we get,” Lidia said. “… Kids who are still socially developing make friends here right away because they meet others with similar interests. That’s the most rewarding part of this job.”

Check out C&A Robot Factory!
326 Peterson Road Libertyville, IL 60048
(137 west of Milwaukee, next to the DMV, additional parking is available in back)

Fall Hours for 2014: Wednesday-Friday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.,
after-school classes begin at 5:30
Saturday: 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. {Lego-themed birthday parties offered} Sunday: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. {Lego-themed birthday parties offered}


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