Green Eats – Local, Organic and Allergen Friendly Eats in Lake County

Local, Organic and Allergen Friendly dining

What is Green Eats? Is it some kind of new smoothie diet? Nope. Green Eats is just our way of categorizing a whole lot of alternative ways of looking at food and diet. It could be:

– Organic
– Local
– Sustainable
– Vegetarian
– Vegan
– Gluten Free
– Allergen friendly

Or all of the above! Our Green Lifestyle Guide Green Eats Partners look at the food we put in our bodies a little differently then your main stream grocery. You will find restaurants that serve local organic foods and cafes that offer organic fair trade coffee. You will find specialty grocery stores as well as markets where you can find fresh meat, cheese and diary that are raised humanely and hormone free. You will also find farmers, raising their animals and cultivating the land with their own hands to bring you the highest quality product.

Show these companies some “like” love and let them know you appreciate that they are making the beauty world healthier.

All Seasons Apple Orchard

Radical Root Farm

Mundelein Farmers Market

Arnolds Farm

Julie’s Coffee

Whole Foods Market – Deerfield

Be sure to download your copy of the Little Lake County Green Lifestyle guide for more information and money-saving coupons from these great businesses.

Don’t see our favorite restaurant or market here? Tell them about us! We are planning a Green Eats Guide for release this summer with  more detailed listing of restaurants and markets and we would love to include them!

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