As They Grow: Group for New Moms in Grayslake

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As they grow

Why didn’t anyone tell me these things about having a baby???

Wait, they did…..

At my baby showers, my friends and family wrote cute notes to me, my husband, and our expected child about all the changes that were about to happen. Things like “sleep when the baby does,” “laundry will never be finished,” “have date nights without the baby,” “time flies, enjoy every moment.” I was “superwoman” and thought with everything else I have done, I can do this baby-thing.

What I didn’t know was this little baby had kryptonite powers and broke me down!

Group for New Moms in Grayslake
Photo Source: Pediatric Interactions and WeeBits

I didn’t realize that I would lose my sense of control, I would constantly question myself, not have all the answers, and that having a child wasn’t easy! It was hard for me to identify and admit this, as a self-proclaimed control freak with type-A personality. No one really shared with me how you may not instantly have a bonding feeling towards your baby. How, as your child is flailing while nursing, it’s not always the most precious time. That I would freak out the first night my child slept through the night and call the doctor to see if I should wake her up. I felt horrible when people said, “Isn’t it great being a mother,” and I clenched my teeth while smiling and nodding.

Group for New Moms in Grayslake
Photo Source: Pediatric Interactions and WeeBits

Moms need to be real and talk about THOSE things. We hear the words postpartum depression (PPD) and the headlines about moms like Andrea Yates of Houston, Texas, who took all five of her children’s lives. We say “that’s not me.” No, maybe not, but 5-25% of mothers have PPD after giving birth (source: Wikipedia). What’s not as commonly discussed is postpartum anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). These physical and emotional changes can happen with any birth, not necessarily the first baby or with every baby. Now, everyone has good and bad days, but there are differences between PPD and “baby blues.” It’s time to find support when these symptoms last more than two weeks.

WeeBits started a New Moms’ Group where moms can have a safe place to come together and support each other! We’ll talk about REAL issues like challenges with breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, body image, guilt of not doing enough tummy time, to make or buy baby food, how to talk to my doctor, reconnecting with my partner, balancing time between baby and siblings, staying home or going back to work–and all of the things moms want to know.

Group: Mondays January-February 29, 2016 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
***EDITOR’S UPDATE 1/27/16: Meeting Dates and Times:  Every Friday January 22, 2016 – March 4, 2016 from 10:00a.m. – 11:30a.m.***Bring your baby.

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For more information on available workshops, classes, and programs that nurture your child’s development, please visit WeeBits online , email info[at]weebitsforfamilies[dot]org or call (224) 360-2542

Pediatric Interactions is a Speech and Language Clinic located in Grayslake and McHenry that supports independence and self-esteem using creative therapy approaches. Pediatric Interventions provides FREE developmental screenings, individual and group therapy, classes, workshops and other resources to help children better communicate.

WeeBits is a non-profit organization bringing awareness and guidance to those families with infants/toddlers who fall outside the boundaries of existing child developmental programs. 

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